Administrative Policies

Donor Recognition Policy

The Library offers donor recognition opportunities as part of its fundraising and development program. Such opportunities may include commemorative naming of facilities or parts of facilities, bookmobiles, equipment, furnishings and collections. Final decisions on naming and/or accepting any offers of contributions to name facilities or equipment shall rest with the Board of Trustees. Endowment gifts will be directed to the MRRL Foundation and will be recognized according to the Foundation’s policy.

Approved April 19, 2005 





  • Library facilities may be named or renamed as designated by a donor who makes a significant monetary contribution to the Library. Donors who wish to name such facilities and have the unit bear their desired name exclusively, must provide 50% to 100% of the cost of construction and equipment.


  • Donors who will allow subunits of the facility or site to include other naming opportunities must provide 50% of the cost of construction. In either instance, the "cost of construction" will be the actual cost expended, if the amount of the contribution is negotiated within three (3) years of actual construction, or the current replacement/construction cost if the facility is more than three years old.


  • Other naming opportunities within a facility may include such areas as auditoriums, meeting rooms, special use areas, collections and equipment. Appropriate contributions for such naming opportunities will be determined by square footage cost, actual cost of equipment, on-going operating cost, etc., depending on the specific area or item. Such naming opportunities should be available to donors for 50% to l00% of the actual cost.


  • Commemorative options for the purchase of equipment, shelving, furniture, fixtures, etc. are available to donors for 100% of the actual cost. In the event that such items have already been purchased out of Library funds, a contribution of an equivalent amount to the Library will earn the donor the desired commemorative opportunity.


  • Named facilities or areas within facilities shall bear a plaque citing the role of the donor. Plaques or other commemorative items will be provided by the Library.


  • Named contributions to a bookmobile will be displayed on the rear exterior of the vehicle for a minimum of $10,000.


  • No product logos shall be displayed on the plaque, commemorative item or vehicle.


Gift Acceptance Policy

 The Board of Trustees of Missouri River Regional Library (MRRL) actively encourages charitable gifts, grants and contributions that support the mission and public service goals of the Library.

Approved May 17, 2005


 When conditions placed on a prospective gift are judged to be administratively difficult or not in accordance with the mission of Missouri River Regional Library, the Library Director will request that the MRRL Board review the terms of the gift. The MRRL Board may request that the terms of the gift be revised, or recommend that the gift be declined.

Gifts of library materials are governed by the Donations section of the Collection Development Policy.

The MRRL Board of Trustees may choose to request that a charitable gift be directed toward the MRRL Foundation for deposit in an endowment fund.





Procurement Policy

The Library encourages competitive bidding in order to obtain the greatest response to requests for purchase or requests for proposals. The Library shall do everything in its power to encourage the submission of proposals from local vendors, including the notification of all listings within a particular category in the various area yellow pages. However, the Library has a responsibility to its residents to insure that the maximum value is obtained for each public dollar spent.






The Library will informally bid from multiple suppliers for all purchases over $500. This may be obtained by comparison pricing through direct contact, advertisements, catalogs, or web pages.

Purchases with an anticipated bid amount of $4,500 or greater shall be listed for at least seven days on the Library's web page. Where practical to elicit greater responses for bids, additional listings may be made on cooperating web pages and notices may be sent to potential bidders.

Purchases with an anticipated bid amount of $25,000 or greater shall be advertised in at least one paper with broad general distribution within Cole and Osage Counties.

In order to obtain the best price, the Library shall be allowed to enter into cooperative purchasing agreements with federal, state or local units of government, or not for profit corporations. Cooperative agreements may be entered into, or already negotiated contracts may be assumed. Existing bids may be renegotiated or extended if it is to the Library's benefit.

Bids may be received by mail, e-mail, or fax. Sealed bids may be received by mail or delivery only. No negotiation will be allowed as to bid amount after submission, unless such options are clearly spelled out in the bid document. Occasionally, bid documents may contain deducts for options that the vendor feels would provide a superior product for less cost. The Library reserves the right to negotiate such changes with the submitting vendor, or other vendors if that would result in savings. The Library reserves the right to use cooperative purchasing agreements or listed advertisements for purchases if that results in a lower cost, even if these sources do not respond to the Library's bid notices.

Although price shall normally be a major consideration in all purchases, the Library reserves the right to take such factors as durability, timeliness, availability and operating cost into consideration when awarding a bid. Low bidders may be rejected where serious reservations about the quality or suitability of items or services exist. The Library reserves the right to waive minor irregularities in submitted bids, or to waive normal bidding procedures in an emergency when it is in its best interest to do so.

Where practical, utilities and telecommunications services shall be competitively bid. However regular payments for such utilities shall not require special management approval.

Library books and materials as well as single-source equipment necessary for library operations are not subject to these procedures or to bid requirements. Purchases for these items are made under appropriation approval through the library’s annual budget.

Professional Services

Professional services include, but are not limited to audit and banking services, equipment and custodial maintenance contracts as well as special one-time consultant service needs. Depending on the nature of the service, professional services may be solicited through the bid process or by requests for proposals. Contracts for ongoing services shall be rebid every three to six years.

Requests for Proposal (RFP)

The Library reserves the right to secure products and services through a request for proposal when that is in the best interests of the Library. Requests for proposal shall normally be limited to complex projects, especially those with multiple or unknown ways of accomplishing a certain objective. Requests for proposal may involve intellectual property or the quest for new ideas that do not lend themselves to traditional bidding. In general, the Library shall advertise requests for proposals in the same manner as bids, however the Library shall reserve more latitude in considering low price as the primary indicator of acceptance.


 The branch or departmental manager must ordinarily approve purchases. Purchases of $500 or less may be made at the department level with no other approval.

Purchases over $500 require the approval of the Assistant Director for Buildings and Finance. The exception is for previously bid items, commodity items and supplies for which uniformity is crucial, or computer equipment which exists on a local or wide area network.

Construction purchases, change orders and large unbudgeted expenses require a motion by the Library Board of Trustees.

Open Records Policy

As a public governmental body, Missouri River Regional Library is subject to the laws governing public meetings and records in the state of Missouri as set forth in RSMo Chapter 610, “The Missouri Sunshine Law.” All meetings, records, votes, actions of the regional Board and the two local Boards are open to the public unless otherwise closed as provided by law.

Approved October 15, 2002 






The Assistant Director for Business and Facilities is the custodian of records for Missouri River Regional Library, the City of Jefferson/Cole County Library District and the Osage County Library District. Records are available for viewing in the custodian’s office during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. or by appointment.

All requests for copying should be submitted in writing, and a form is provided for this purpose.

All business records are available for inspection and copying unless closed as provided by law.

There are no fees to view records. Reasonable cost-recovery fees may be charged when library staff is requested to provide photocopying services. 

Investment Policy

 It shall be the policy of the Missouri River Regional Library to manage and invest its cash resources in accordance with the following guidelines:

Approved March 14, 2004




 The Missouri River Regional Library shall establish and maintain procedures for the investment of cash and other liquid assets.

All cash and liquid assets shall be in substantially risk-free accounts and/or investments by virtue of Federal deposit insurance, collateralization, or the nature of the investment instrument. Investments must meet requirements as specified by Missouri state law.

Money shall be invested in such a way to provide a satisfactory amount of liquidity.

Money shall be invested locally (in Cole and Osage Counties) if possible but the primary goal is to invest money in such a way as to maximize the return on investment so long as the above constraints on safety and liquidity are maintained.

The Library shall contact area financial institutions every three to five years and solicit bids to provide its financial services needs.

The Library Director of the Missouri River Regional Library shall be responsible for the administration of this policy.



Disposal of Surplus Property

 The Library Director shall establish procedures for identification and disposal of books, equipment and supplies that are obsolete or otherwise not needed for library purposes.

Approved June 26, 2001






 All library materials declared surplus shall be divided into two categories: (1) material considered to have resale value; and (2) material considered unusable due to obsolescence or wear.

Disposition of the two categories of material shall be as follows: (1) Saleable furniture and equipment shall be advertised as being declared surplus by the library. Timing and character of sale shall be at the discretion of the Library Director; and (2) material classified as unusable shall be discarded or destroyed.

Credit Cards and Charge Accounts

 Credit cards for library staff may be issued by Central Bank under guidelines set by the MRRL Board of Trustees. The library director has authority to issue cards to appropriate staff and to set rules for their use.

Approved February 19, 2002


Institution maximum credit limit: $15,000

Individual account credit limits:
1 card for business manager     $5000 limit
8-10 cards for staff travel     $2000 limits 


 The card for the business office coordinator will be used for online purchases and in circumstances where credit card use is required or most expedient. The other cards will be issued to library managers most likely to engage in out-of-town travel throughout the year. These cards are primarily to be used for travel, but may also be used on occasion to purchase items for the library according to the established budget for the department.


 All credit and store charge cards will be kept in the Business Office when not in use.

Cards must be signed in and out with name, date and reason for each use.

Receipts for all purchases made with cards must be submitted to a supervisor for authorization for payment unless employee has prior budget authorization for the purchase.

Receipts for library credit card use for travel must be submitted to a supervisor, along with all other receipts, on an Expense Report Form.

Use of credit cards for travel must comply with established travel procedures, including but not limited to reasonable meal amounts and approved hotel and transportation expenses. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased on library credit.

Library purchases of goods in Missouri are state sales tax exempt. This applies to some hotel sales taxes as well, so employees need to provide hotels a copy of the tax-exempt letter upon check-in when traveling. Tax-exempt letters are available from the Business Office. It is the responsibility of the individual employee, not the Business Office manager, to insure that qualified sales are tax exempt.

A photocopy of the monthly statement of the Central Bank MasterCard account will be appended to the bill list each month in the board packet.